ListBox.TextColumn Property (Outlook Forms Script)

Returns or sets a Variant that identifies the column in a ListBox to display to the user. Read/write.



expression A variable that represents a ListBox object.


Values for the TextColumn property range from -1 to the number of columns in the list. The TextColumn value for the first column is 1, the value of the second column is 2, and so on. Setting TextColumn to 0 displays the ListIndex values. Setting TextColumn to -1 displays the first column that has a ColumnWidths value greater than 0.

When the user selects a row from a ComboBox or ListBox, the column referenced by TextColumn is stored in the Text property. For example, you could set up a multicolumn ListBox that contains the names of holidays in one column and dates for the holidays in a second column. To present the holiday names to users, specify the first column as the TextColumn. To store the dates of the holidays, specify the second column as the BoundColumn.

When the Text property of a ComboBox ComboBox changes (such as when a user types an entry into the control), the new text is compared to the column of data specified by TextColumn.

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