BulletFormat.Number Property (PowerPoint)

Returns the bullet number of a paragraph when the Type property of the BulletFormat object is set to ppBulletNumbered. Read-only.


expression. Number

expression A variable that represents a BulletFormat object.

Return value



If this property is queried for multiple paragraphs with different numbers, then the value ppBulletMixed is returned. If this property is queried for a paragraph with a type other than ppBulletNumbered, then a run-time error occurs.


This example returns the bullet number of paragraph one in the selected text range to a variable named myParnum.

With ActiveWindow.Selection

    If .Type = ppSelectionTextRange Then

        With .TextRange.Paragraphs(1).ParagraphFormat.Bullet

            If .Type = ppBulletNumbered Then

                myParnum = .Number

            End If

        End With

    End If

End With

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