Designs.Clone Method (PowerPoint)

Creates a copy of a Design object.


expression. Clone( _pOriginal_, _Index_ )

expression A variable that represents a Designs object.


Name Required/Optional Data Type Description
pOriginal Required Design Design object. The original design.
Index Optional Long The index location in the Designs collection into which the design will be copied. If Index is omitted, the cloned design is added to the end of the Designs collection.

Return Value



This example creates a design and clones the newly created design.

Sub CloneDesign()

    Dim dsnDesign1 As Design
    Dim dsnDesign2

    Set dsnDesign1 = ActivePresentation.Designs _

    Set dsnDesign2 = ActivePresentation.Designs _
        .Clone(pOriginal:=dsnDesign1, Index:=1)

End Sub

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