MsoAnimEffect Enumeration (PowerPoint)

Specifies the type of animation effect.

Name Value Description
msoAnimEffectAppear 1 Appears
msoAnimEffectArcUp 47 Arcs Up
msoAnimEffectAscend 39 Ascends
msoAnimEffectBlast 64 Blasts
msoAnimEffectBlinds 3 Blinds
msoAnimEffectBoldFlash 63 Bold Flash
msoAnimEffectBoldReveal 65 Bold Reveals
msoAnimEffectBoomerang 25 Boomerangs
msoAnimEffectBounce 26 Bounce
msoAnimEffectBox 4 Box
msoAnimEffectBrushOnColor 66 Brush on Color
msoAnimEffectBrushOnUnderline 67 Brush on Underline
msoAnimEffectCenterRevolve 40 Center Revolves
msoAnimEffectChangeFillColor 54 FillColor Changes
msoAnimEffectChangeFont 55 Font Changes
msoAnimEffectChangeFontColor 56 Font Color Changes
msoAnimEffectChangeFontSize 57 Font Size Changes
msoAnimEffectChangeFontStyle 58 Font Style Changes
msoAnimEffectChangeLineColor 60 Line color Changes
msoAnimEffectCheckerboard 5 Checkerboard Effect
msoAnimEffectCircle 6 Circle
msoAnimEffectColorBlend 68 Color Bleeds
msoAnimEffectColorReveal 27 Color Revealed
msoAnimEffectColorWave 69 Color Wave
msoAnimEffectComplementaryColor 70 Complementary Color
msoAnimEffectComplementaryColor2 71 Complementary Color2
msoAnimEffectContrastingColor 72 Contrasting Color
msoAnimEffectCrawl 7 Crawl Effect
msoAnimEffectCredits 28 Credits Effect
msoAnimEffectCustom 0 Custom Effect
msoAnimEffectDarken 73 Darken Effect
msoAnimEffectDesaturate 74 Desaturate Effect
msoAnimEffectDescend 42 Descend Effect
msoAnimEffectDiamond 8 Diamond Effect
msoAnimEffectDissolve 9 Dissolve Effect
msoAnimEffectEaseIn 29 EaseIn Effect
msoAnimEffectExpand 50 Expand Effect
msoAnimEffectFade 10 Fade Effect
msoAnimEffectFadedSwivel 41 Faded Swivel Effect
msoAnimEffectFadedZoom 48 Faded Zoom Effect
msoAnimEffectFlashBulb 75 Flash Bulb Effect
msoAnimEffectFlashOnce 11 Flash Once
msoAnimEffectFlicker 76 Flicker Effect
msoAnimEffectFlip 51 Flip Effect
msoAnimEffectFloat 30 Float Effect
msoAnimEffectFly 2 Fly Effect
msoAnimEffectFold 53 Fold Effect
msoAnimEffectGlide 49 Glide Effect
msoAnimEffectGrowAndTurn 31 Grow and Turn Effect
msoAnimEffectGrowShrink 59 Grow and Shrink Effect
msoAnimEffectGrowWithColor 77 Grow with Color Effect
msoAnimEffectLighten 78 Lighten Effect
msoAnimEffectLightSpeed 32 Light Speed Effect
msoAnimEffectMediaPause 84 Media Pause Effect
msoAnimEffectMediaPlay 83 Media Play Effect
msoAnimEffectMediaStop 85 Media Stop Effect
msoAnimEffectPath4PointStar 101 Path4PointStar Effect
msoAnimEffectPath5PointStar 90 Path5PointStar Effect
msoAnimEffectPath6PointStar 96 Path6PointStar Effect
msoAnimEffectPath8PointStar 102 Path8PointStar Effect
msoAnimEffectPathArcDown 122 Moves on the Arc Down path
msoAnimEffectPathArcLeft 136 Moves on the Arc Left path
msoAnimEffectPathArcRight 143 Moves on the Arc Right Path
msoAnimEffectPathArcUp 129 Moves on the Arc Up path
msoAnimEffectPathBean 116 Moves on the Bean path
msoAnimEffectPathBounceLeft 126 Moves on the Bounce Left path
msoAnimEffectPathBounceRight 139 Moves on the Bounce Right path
msoAnimEffectPathBuzzsaw 110 Moves on the Buzzsaw path
msoAnimEffectPathCircle 86 Moves on a Circular Path
msoAnimEffectPathCrescentMoon 91 Moves on a Crescent Moon path
msoAnimEffectPathCurvedSquare 105 Moves on a CurvedSquare path
msoAnimEffectPathCurvedX 106 Moves on a Curved X path
msoAnimEffectPathCurvyLeft 133 Moves on a Curvy Left path
msoAnimEffectPathCurvyRight 146 Moves on a Curvy Right path
msoAnimEffectPathCurvyStar 108 Moves on a Curvy Star path
msoAnimEffectPathDecayingWave 145 Moves on a Decaying Wave path
msoAnimEffectPathDiagonalDownRight 134 Moves on a Diagonal Down-Right path
msoAnimEffectPathDiagonalUpRight 141 Moves on a Diagonal Up-Right path
msoAnimEffectPathDiamond 88 Moves on a Diamond path
msoAnimEffectPathDown 127 Moves on a Down path
msoAnimEffectPathEqualTriangle 98 Moves on a equilateral triangle path
msoAnimEffectPathFigure8Four 113 Moves on a Figure8Four path
msoAnimEffectPathFootball 97 Moves on a Football path
msoAnimEffectPathFunnel 137 Moves on a Funnel path
msoAnimEffectPathHeart 94 Moves on a Heart shape path
msoAnimEffectPathHeartbeat 130 Moves on a Heart Beat path
msoAnimEffectPathHexagon 89 Moves on a Hexagon path
msoAnimEffectPathHorizontalFigure8 111 Moves on a Horizontal Figure8 path
msoAnimEffectPathInvertedSquare 119 Moves on a Inverted Square path
msoAnimEffectPathInvertedTriangle 118 Moves on a Inverted Triangle path
msoAnimEffectPathLeft 120 Moves on a Left path
msoAnimEffectPathLoopdeLoop 109 Moves on a LoopdeLoop path
msoAnimEffectPathNeutron 114 Moves on a Neutron path
msoAnimEffectPathOctagon 95 Moves on a Octagon path
msoAnimEffectPathParallelogram 99 Moves on a Parallelogram path
msoAnimEffectPathPeanut 112 Moves on a Peanut path
msoAnimEffectPathPentagon 100 Moves on a Pentagon path
msoAnimEffectPathPlus 117 Moves on a Plus path
msoAnimEffectPathPointyStar 104 Moves on a PointyStar path
msoAnimEffectPathRight 149 Moves on a Right path
msoAnimEffectPathRightTriangle 87 Moves on a RightTriangle path
msoAnimEffectPathSCurve1 144 Moves on a SCurve1 path
msoAnimEffectPathSCurve2 124 Moves on a SCurve2 path
msoAnimEffectPathSineWave 125 Moves on a SineWave path
msoAnimEffectPathSpiralLeft 140 Moves on a SpiralLeft path
msoAnimEffectPathSpiralRight 131 Moves on a SpiralRight path
msoAnimEffectPathSpring 138 Moves on a Spring path
msoAnimEffectPathSquare 92 Moves on a Square path
msoAnimEffectPathStairsDown 147 Moves on a StairsDown path
msoAnimEffectPathSwoosh 115 Moves on a Swoosh path
msoAnimEffectPathTeardrop 103 Moves on a Teardrop path
msoAnimEffectPathTrapezoid 93 Moves on a Trapezoid path
msoAnimEffectPathTurnDown 135 Moves on a TurnDown path
msoAnimEffectPathTurnRight 121 Moves on a TurnRight path
msoAnimEffectPathTurnUp 128 Moves on a TurnUp path
msoAnimEffectPathTurnUpRight 142 Moves on a TurnUpRight path
msoAnimEffectPathUp 148 Moves on an Up path
msoAnimEffectPathVerticalFigure8 107 Moves on a VerticalFigure8 path
msoAnimEffectPathWave 132 Moves on a Wave path
msoAnimEffectPathZigzag 123 Moves on a Zigzag path
msoAnimEffectPeek 12 Peek effect
msoAnimEffectPinwheel 33 Pinwel effect
msoAnimEffectPlus 13 Plus effect
msoAnimEffectRandomBars 14 Random Bars effect
msoAnimEffectRandomEffects 24 Random effects
msoAnimEffectRiseUp 34 Rise Up effect
msoAnimEffectShimmer 52 Shimmer effect
msoAnimEffectSling 43 Sling effect
msoAnimEffectSpin 61 Spin effect
msoAnimEffectSpinner 44 Spinner effect
msoAnimEffectSpiral 15 Spiral effect
msoAnimEffectSplit 16 Split effect
msoAnimEffectStretch 17 Stretch effect
msoAnimEffectStretchy 45 Stretchy effect
msoAnimEffectStrips 18 Strips effect
msoAnimEffectStyleEmphasis 79 Emphasis effect
msoAnimEffectSwish 35 Swish effect
msoAnimEffectSwivel 19 Swivel effect
msoAnimEffectTeeter 80 Teeter effect
msoAnimEffectThinLine 36 Thin line effect
msoAnimEffectTransparency 62 Transparency effect
msoAnimEffectUnfold 37 Unfold effect
msoAnimEffectVerticalGrow 81 Vertical Grow effect
msoAnimEffectWave 82 Wave effect
msoAnimEffectWedge 20 Wedge effect
msoAnimEffectWheel 21 Wheel effect
msoAnimEffectWhip 38 Whip effect
msoAnimEffectWipe 22 Wipe effect
msoAnimEffectZip 46 Zip effect
msoAnimEffectZoom 23 Zoom effect

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