PpActionType Enumeration (PowerPoint)

Specifies the type of action that will occur when the specified shape is clicked or the mouse pointer is positioned over the shape during a slide show.

Name Value Description
ppActionEndShow 6 Slide show ends.
ppActionFirstSlide 3 Returns to the first slide.
ppActionHyperlink 7 Hyperlink.
ppActionLastSlide 4 Moves to the last slide.
ppActionLastSlideViewed 5 Moves to the last slide viewed.
ppActionMixed -2 Performs a mixed action.
ppActionNamedSlideShow 10 Runs the slideshow.
ppActionNextSlide 1 Moves to the next slide.
ppActionNone 0 No action is performed.
ppActionOLEVerb 11 OLE Verb.
ppActionPlay 12 Begins the slideshow.
ppActionPreviousSlide 2 Moves to the previous slide.
ppActionRunMacro 8 Runs a macro.
ppActionRunProgram 9 Runs a program.