PpSlideSizeType Enumeration (PowerPoint)

Constants that specify the size type for the slide, passed to and returned by the SlideSize property of the PageSetup object.

Name Value Description
ppSlideSize35MM 4 35MM
ppSlideSizeA3Paper 9 A3 Paper
ppSlideSizeA4Paper 3 A4 Paper
ppSlideSizeB4ISOPaper 10 B4 ISO Paper
ppSlideSizeB4JISPaper 12 B4 JIS Paper
ppSlideSizeB5ISOPaper 11 B5 ISO Paper
ppSlideSizeB5JISPaper 13 B5 JIS Paper
ppSlideSizeBanner 6 Banner
ppSlideSizeCustom 7 Custom
ppSlideSizeHagakiCard 14 Hagaki Card
ppSlideSizeLedgerPaper 8 Ledger Paper
ppSlideSizeLetterPaper 2 Letter Paper
ppSlideSizeOnScreen 1 On Screen
ppSlideSizeOverhead 5 Overhead