PpPasteDataType enumeration (PowerPoint)

Specifies a format for the Clipboard contents when they are inserted into the document.

Name Value Description
ppPasteBitmap 1 Paste bitmap.
ppPasteDefault 0 Paste the default content of the clipboard.
ppPasteEnhancedMetafile 2 Paste enhanced Metafile
ppPasteGIF 4 Paste a GIF image.
ppPasteHTML 8 Paste HTML.
ppPasteJPG 5 Paste a JPG image.
ppPasteMetafilePicture 3 Paste a Metafile picture.
ppPasteOLEObject 10 Paste OLE object.
ppPastePNG 6 Paste PNG image.
ppPasteRTF 9 Paste RTF.
ppPasteShape 11 Paste a shape.
ppPasteText 7 Paste text.

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