TextFrame2.HasText property (PowerPoint)

Indicates whether the shape that contains the specified text frame has text associated with it. Read-only.



expression An expression that returns a TextFrame2 object.

Return value



The value of the HasText property can be one of the following MsoTriState constants.

Constant Description
msoFalse The specified text frame does not have text.
msoTrue The specified text frame has text.


The followin example tests whether shape two on slide one contains text, and if it does, resizes the shape to fit the text.

Public Sub HasText_Example()

    Dim pptSlide As Slide

    Set pptSlide = ActivePresentation.Slides(1)

    With pptSlide.Shapes(2).TextFrame

        If .HasText Then .AutoSize = ppAutoSizeShapeToFitText

    End With

End Sub

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