PjSaveBaselineFrom Enumeration (Project)

Contains constants that specify which fields to copy from.

Name Value Description
pjCopyBaseline 1 Baseline start and baseline finish dates.
pjCopyBaseline1 12 Baseline1 start and Baseline1 finish dates.
pjCopyBaseline10 21 Baseline10 start and Baseline10 finish dates.
pjCopyBaseline2 13 Baseline2 start and Baseline2 finish dates.
pjCopyBaseline3 14 Baseline3 start and Baseline3 finish dates.
pjCopyBaseline4 15 Baseline4 start and Baseline4 finish dates.
pjCopyBaseline5 16 Baseline5 start and Baseline5 finish dates.
pjCopyBaseline6 17 Baseline6 start and Baseline6 finish dates.
pjCopyBaseline7 18 Baseline7 start and Baseline7 finish dates.
pjCopyBaseline8 19 Baseline8 start and Baseline8 finish dates.
pjCopyBaseline9 20 Baseline9 start and Baseline9 finish dates.
pjCopyCurrent 0 All scheduling information from the active project.
pjCopyStart_Finish1 2 Dates in the Start1 and Finish1 custom fields.
pjCopyStart_Finish10 11 Dates in the Start10 and Finish10 custom fields.
pjCopyStart_Finish2 3 Dates in the Start2 and Finish2 custom fields.
pjCopyStart_Finish3 4 Dates in the Start3 and Finish3 custom fields.
pjCopyStart_Finish4 5 Dates in the Start4 and Finish4 custom fields.
pjCopyStart_Finish5 6 Dates in the Start5 and Finish5 custom fields.
pjCopyStart_Finish6 7 Dates in the Start6 and Finish6 custom fields.
pjCopyStart_Finish7 8 Dates in the Start7 and Finish7 custom fields.
pjCopyStart_Finish8 9 Dates in the Start8 and Finish8 custom fields.
pjCopyStart_Finish9 10 Dates in the Start9 and Finish9 custom fields.