Application.TaskOnTimelineEx Method (Project)

Manages tasks on the Timeline pane or for a specified custom timeline, including specifying the bar that you want to add or remove. Introduced in Office 2016.


expression. TaskOnTimelineEx( TaskID, TaskID, Remove, TimelineViewName, ShowDialog, BarIndex)

expression A variable that represents a Application object.


Name Required/Optional Data type Description
TaskID Optional Long Specifies the identification number of a task to add to the timeline or remove from the timeline. If TaskID is specified, selected tasks are ignored.
Remove Optional Boolean True if the task specified by TaskID or the selected tasks are removed from the timeline; otherwise, False. The default value is False.
TimelineViewName Optional String Specifies the name of a timeline to use. The name can be the built-in "Timeline" or an existing custom timeline such as "My Timeline". The default value is the name of the active timeline.
ShowDialog Optional Boolean True if Project displays the Add Tasks to Timeline dialog box; otherwise, False. Any tasks that are already on the timeline have a check by their names. If ShowDialog is True, Project ignores the TaskID and Remove arguments. The default value is False.
BarIndex Optional Variant The bar that you want to add or remove.

Return value