Project.ServerURL Property (Project)

Gets the URL of the Project Web App instance with which Project Professional is connected. For a synchronized SharePoint task list, gets or sets an arbitrary value that has no effect on the project. Read/write String.

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expression. ServerURL

expression A variable that represents a Project object.


If Project is not connected with Project Web App, the ServerURL property gets an empty string. If Project Professional is connected with Project Web App and the active project is a synchronized SharePoint task list, the ServerURL property still gets the URL of Project Web App, not the URL of the SharePoint task list.

For a synchronized SharePoint task list, you can set the value of ServerURL to an arbitrary string, which is saved with the project. When you close Project Professional and reopen the SharePoint task list, ServerURL gets the arbitrary value. However, that value has no effect on the project or URL of the task list. For example, run the following code in the Immediate window of the VBE, and then close Project Professional.

ActiveProject.ServerURL = "https://SomeBogusServer/NOP%20No%20URL"

Start Project Professional again, open the SharePoint task list, and then run ? ActiveProject.ServerURL in the Immediate window. The statement returns the arbitrary string.

For an enterprise project that Project Server manages, if you try to set the value of ServerURL, Project shows a run-time error 1101, "The argument value is not valid."

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