Report.Index Property (Project)

Gets the index of a custom report in the Reports collection. Read-only Long.


expression. Index

expression A variable that represents a 'Report' object.


The following example lists the index and name of each custom report in a project.

Sub ListCustomReports()
    Dim oReport As Report
    Dim msg As String
    Dim msgBoxTitle As String
    msg = ""
    msgBoxTitle = "Custom reports in '" & ActiveProject.Name & "'"
    For Each oReport In ActiveProject.Reports
        msg = msg & oReport.Index & oReport.Name & vbCrLf
    Next oReport
    If ActiveProject.Reports.Count > 0 Then
        MsgBox Prompt:=msg, Title:=msgBoxTitle
        MsgBox Prompt:="This project contains no custom reports.", _
    End If
End Sub

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