BorderArtFormat.Set Method (Publisher)

Sets the type of BorderArt applied to the specified shape.


expression. Set(BorderArtName)

expression A variable that represents a BorderArtFormat object.


Name Required/Optional Data Type Description
BorderArtName Required Variant The name of the BorderArt type applied to the specified shape.


You can also set the type of BorderArt applied to a shape using the Name property.


The following example tests for the existence of BorderArt on each shape for each page of the active document. Any BorderArt found is set to the same type.

Sub SetBorderArt() 
Dim anyPage As Page 
Dim anyShape As Shape 
Dim strBorderArtName As String 
strBorderArtName = Document.BorderArts(1).Name 
For Each anyPage in ActiveDocument.Pages 
 For Each anyShape in anyPage.Shapes 
 With anyShape.BorderArt 
 If .Exists = True Then 
 End If 
 End With 
 Next anyShape 
 Next anyPage 
End Sub

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