Document.SetBusinessInformation Method (Publisher)

Applies the specified business information set, which consists of a logo image and business contact information (such as the company name and address), to the current publication.


expression. SetBusinessInformation(Name)

expression A variable that represents a Document object.


Name Required/Optional Data Type Description
Name Required String Name of the business information set to be applied.


Calling the SetBusinessInformation method corresponds to selecting a business information set (in the Select a Business Information set list) and then clicking the Update Publication button in the Business Information dialog box (Edit menu) in the Microsoft Publisher user interface (UI). You must create and edit business information sets in that dialog box before you can use the SetBusinessInformation method to apply them programatically.


The following Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) macro shows how to use the SetBusinessInformation method to apply a specific business information set to the current publication. Before you run this code, substitute for BISetName the name of a business information set that you have previously created in the Publisher UI.

Public Sub SetBusinessInformation_Example() 
 ThisDocument.SetBusinessInformation "BISetName" 
End Sub