LayoutGuides.ColumnGutterWidth Property (Publisher)

Returns or sets the width of the column gutters that are used by the LayoutGuides object to aid in the process of laying out design elements. Read/write Single.


expression. ColumnGutterWidth

expression A variable that represents a LayoutGuides object.

Return value



The default width of column gutters is 0.4 inches.


The following example modifies the second master page of the active publication so that it has four rows and four columns, row gutter width of 0.75 inches, column gutter width of 0.5 inches, and center lines in the gutters. Any new pages added to the publication that use the second master page as a template will have these properties.

Dim theMasterPage As page 
Dim theLayoutGuides As LayoutGuides 
Set theMasterPage = ActiveDocument.MasterPages(2) 
Set theLayoutGuides = theMasterPage.LayoutGuides 
With theLayoutGuides 
 .Rows = 4 
 .Columns = 4 
 .RowGutterWidth = Application.InchesToPoints(0.75) 
 .ColumnGutterWidth = Application.InchesToPoints(0.5) 
 .GutterCenterlines = True 
End With