MailMergeDataSource.DataFields Property (Publisher)

Returns a MailMergeDataFields collection that represents the fields in the specified data source.


expression. DataFields

expression A variable that represents a MailMergeDataSource object.

Return Value



This example displays the value of the value of the FirstName and LastName fields from the active record in the data source attached to the active publication.

Sub ShowNameForActiveRecord() 
 Dim mdfFirst As MailMergeDataField 
 Dim mdfLast As MailMergeDataField 
 With ActiveDocument.MailMerge.DataSource 
 Set mdfFirst = .DataFields.Item("FirstName") 
 Set mdfLast = .DataFields.Item("LastName") 
 MsgBox "The active record in the attached " &; _ 
 vbLf &; "data source is : " &; _ 
 mdfFirst.Value &; " " &; _ 
 End With 
End Sub