Shapes.AddCatalogMergeArea method (Publisher)

Adds a Shape object that represents the specified publication's catalog merge area.



expression A variable that represents a Shapes object.

Return value



Only one catalog merge area can be added to a publication page. Typically, a publication will only have one catalog merge area.

Although you can add one catalog merge area per publication page, you can only connect to a single data source for a publication. What data is merged is determined by the catalog merge area on the active page, and the data fields it contains.


You must add a catalog merge area to the publication page before you connect to a data source.

Use the AddToCatalogMergeArea method of the Shape or ShapeRange objects to add shapes to a catalog merge area.

Use the Insert method of the MailMergeDataFields collection to add a picture data field to a publication's catalog merge area.

Use the InsertMailMergeField method of the TextRange object to add a text data field to a text box in the publication's catalog merge area.

Use the RemoveCatalogMergeArea method of the Shape object to remove a catalog merge area from a publication.

This method corresponds to selecting a catalog merge in Step 1: Select a merge type of the Mail and Catalog Merge Wizard.


The following example adds a catalog merge area to the first page of the specified publication.


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