ThreeDFormat.ExtrusionColorType Property (Publisher)

Returns or sets an MsoExtrusionColorType constant indicating whether the extrusion color is based on the extruded shape's fill (the front face of the extrusion) and automatically changes when the shape's fill changes, or whether the extrusion color is independent of the shape's fill. Read/write.


expression. ExtrusionColorType

expression A variable that represents an ThreeDFormat object.

Return Value



The ExtrusionColorType property value can be one of the ** MsoExtrusionColorType** constants declared in the Microsoft Office type library.


If the first shape in the active publication has an automatic extrusion color, this example gives the extrusion a custom yellow color.

With ActiveDocument.Pages(1).Shapes(1).ThreeD 
    If .ExtrusionColorType = msoExtrusionColorAutomatic Then 
        .ExtrusionColor.RGB = RGB(240, 235, 16) 
    End If 
End With