ThreeDFormat.IncrementRotationY Method (Publisher)

Changes the rotation of the specified shape around the y-axis (vertical) by the specified number of degrees.


expression. IncrementRotationY(Increment)

expression A variable that represents a ThreeDFormat object.


Name Required/Optional Data Type Description
Increment Required Single Specifies by how many degrees to rotate the shape around the y-axis. Can be a value from - 90 through 90. A positive value tilts the shape to the left; a negative value tilts it to the right.


Use the RotationY property to set the absolute rotation of the shape around the y-axis.

You cannot adjust the rotation around the y-axis of the specified shape past the upper or lower limit for the RotationY property (90 degrees to - 90 degrees). For example, if the RotationY property is initially set to 80 and you specify 40 for the Increment argument, the resulting rotation will be 90 (the upper limit for the RotationY property) instead of 120.

To change the rotation of a shape around the x-axis (horizontal), use the IncrementRotationX method. To change the rotation around the z-axis (extends outward from the plane of the publication), use the IncrementRotation method.


This example tilts the first shape in the active publication 10 degrees to the right. The shape must be an extruded shape for you to see the effect of this code.

ActiveDocument.Pages(1).Shapes(1).ThreeD _ 
 .IncrementRotationY Increment:=-10