WebOptions.RelyOnVML Property (Publisher)

Returns or sets a Boolean value that specifies whether image files are generated from drawing objects when a Web publication is saved. If True, image files are not generated. If False, images are generated. The default value is False. Read/write.


expression. RelyOnVML

expression A variable that represents a WebOptions object.

Return value



File sizes can be reduced by not generating images for drawing objects. Note that a Web browser must support Vector Markup Language (VML) to render drawing objects. Microsoft Internet Explorer versions 5.0 and later support VML, so the RelyOnVML property could be set to True if targeting those browsers. For browsers that do not support VML, a drawing object will not appear when a Web publication is saved with this property enabled.

If unsure about which browsers will be used to view the Web site, this property should be set to False.


The following example assumes that end users have Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5.0, and therefore specifies that images should not be generated from drawing objects when the Web publication is saved.

Dim theWO As WebOptions 
Set theWO = Application.WebOptions 
With theWO 
 .RelyOnVML = True 
End With