Application.AutoRecoverInterval Property (Visio)

Represents the time interval (in minutes) for how often you want to save copies of open documents that have unsaved changes in case of a power failure or an application error. Read/write.


expression. AutoRecoverInterval

expression A variable that represents an Application object.

Return value



Must be an integer value from zero (0) to 120, representing the interval in minutes. The default is 0. If the value of the AutoRecoverInterval property is less than or equal to 0, no automatic recovery copies are created.

If the value of the AutoRecoverInterval property is greater than 0, automatic recovery is enabled for all documents in the Microsoft Visio instance. To disable automatic recovery for a particular document, set its AutoRecover property to False .


The following Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) macros show how to set the AutoRecoverInterval property and how to use it to disable automatic recovery.

Public Sub AutoRecoverInterval_Example() 
    'Save automatic recovery copies of unsaved files 
    'every 10 minutes.  
    Application.AutoRecoverInterval = 10  
End Sub   
Public Sub DisableAutoRecover_Example() 
    'Tell Visio not to save automatic recovery copies of unsaved files.  
    Application.AutoRecoverInterval = 0  
End Sub