Document.ContainsWorkspaceEx Property (Visio)

Gets or sets whether workspace information is saved with the document. Read/write.


expression. ContainsWorkspaceEx

expression An expression that returns a Document object.

Return Value



The ContainsWorkspaceEx property setting corresponds to the setting of the Save workspace check box on the Summary tab of the Document Properties dialog box in the Microsoft Visio user interface.

The ContainsWorkspaceEx property replaces the read-only ContainsWorkspace property that existed in previous versions of Visio. Note that although the ContainsWorkspace property is now deprecated, it still returns a value.

Note also that in previous versions of Visio, to save a document along with workspace information, you used the Document.SaveAs method, passing it the visSaveAsWS constant.

Starting with Visio 2007, by default, workspace information is saved with all documents except stencils. To specify that workspace information not be saved with a document, set ContainsWorkspaceEx to False .