Document.GlueSettings Property (Visio)

Determines the objects that shapes glue to when glue is enabled in the document. Read/write.


expression. GlueSettings

expression A variable that represents a Document object.

Return Value



Setting the value of the GlueSettings property is equivalent to selecting options under Glue to on the General tab in the Snap &; Glue dialog box (on the View tab, click the Visual Aids arrow).

The GlueSettings property can be any combination of the following VisGlueSettings constants, which are declared in the Microsoft Visio type library.

Constant Value Description
visGlueToNone &;H0 Glue is enabled but no other glue settings are on.
visGlueToGuides &;H1 Glue to guides.
visGlueToHandles &;H2 Glue to shape handles.
visGlueToVertices &;H4 Glue to shape vertices.
visGlueToConnectionPoints &;H8 Glue to connection points.
visGlueToGeometry &;H20 Glue to shape geometry.
visGlueToDisabled &;H8000 Disable glue.