Viewer.MarkupOverlaysVisible Property (Visio Viewer)

Gets or sets a value that indicates whether markup overlays are visible in the current document open in Microsoft Visio Viewer. Read/write.


expression. MarkupOverlaysVisible

_expression_An expression that returns a Viewer object.

Return value



A markup overlay is a layer that shows all the shapes, ink shapes, and comments added to a drawing by a particular reviewer. The MarkupOverlaysVisible property setting corresponds to the status of the Show markup overlays box on the Markup Settings tab of the Properties and Settings dialog box in the Visio Viewer user interface. If markup overlays exist in the drawing, the default is for them to be visible (True).


The following code shows how to turn off visibility of markup overlays in Visio Viewer.

vsoViewer.MarkupOverlaysVisible = False

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