Shape.Picture Property (Visio)

Returns a picture that represents an enhanced metafile (EMF) contained in a master, shape, selection, or page. Read-only.


expression. Picture

expression A variable that represents a Shape object.

Return Value



The Picture property returns only EMF files.

COM provides a standard implementation of a picture object that has the IPictureDisp interface on top of the underlying system picture support. The IPictureDisp interface exposes a picture object's properties and is implemented in the stdole type library as a StdPicture object creatable within Microsoft Visual Basic. The stdole type library is automatically referenced from all Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) projects in Microsoft Visio.

Currently, only in-process solutions can use the Picture property because the IPictureDisp interface cannot be marshaled.

To get information about the StdPicture object that supports the IPictureDisp interface

  1. In the Code group on theDeveloper tab, click Visual Basic.

  2. On the View menu, click Object Browser.

  3. In the Project/Library list, click stdole.

  4. Under Classes, examine the class named StdPicture .

For details about the IPictureDisp interface, see the Microsoft Platform SDK on MSDN, the Microsoft Developer Network.