ValidationRule.RuleSet Property (Visio)

Returns the ValidationRuleSet object that contains the specified validation rule. Read-only.


expression. RuleSet

expression A variable that represents a 'ValidationRule' object.

Return value



The following Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) example shows how to use the RuleSet property to selectively delete validation issues that belong to a particular rule set.

Set vsoDocument = Visio.ActiveDocument 
Set vsoIssues = vsoDocument.Validation.Issues
intIssueTotal = vsoIssues.Count
intIssueNumber = 1

' Iterate through the validation issues.
 For intCurrentIssue = 1 To intIssueTotal
      Set vsoIssue = vsoDocument.Validation.Issues(intIssueNumber)
     ' Delete the issues that belong to the vsoValidationRuleSet rule set.
     If vsoIssue.Rule.RuleSet Is vsoValidationRuleSet Then
        intIssueNumber = intIssueNumber + 1
     End If
 Next intCurrentIssue