VisDiagramServices Enumeration (Visio)

Specifies constants that represent diagram services. These constants are passed to and returned by the Document.DiagramServicesEnabled property.

Version Added: Visio 2010

Constant Value Description
visServiceNone 0 No diagram services.
visServiceAll -1 All diagram services.
visServiceAnimations 8 Smooth transition behaviors to match user interface.
visServiceAutoSizePage 1 AutoSize (automatic page-sizing) behaviors.
visServiceStructureBasic 2 Structured-diagram behaviors that maintain existing relationships but do not create new relationships.
visServiceStructureFull 4 Structured-diagram behaviors that match all those in the user interface (UI).
visServiceVersion140 7 All diagram services that exist in Visio.
visServiceVersion150 8 All diagram services that exist in Visio.