VisUICtrlTypes Enumeration (Visio)

Constants that describe control types, used in conjuction with the CntrlType property of the Menu , MenuItem , and ToolbarItem objects.

Note Starting with Visio, the Microsoft Office Fluent user interface (UI) replaces the previous system of layered menus, toolbars, and task panes. VBA objects and members that you used to customize the user interface in previous versions of Visio are still available in Visio, but they function differently.

Constant Value Description
visCtrlTypeBUTTON_OWNERDRAW 33 Owner-draw push button.
visCtrlTypeBUTTON 2 Push button.
visCtrlTypeCOMBOBOX 128 Combo box.
visCtrlTypeDROPDOWN 272 Drop-down combo box.
visCtrlTypeEDITBOX 64 Text box.
visCtrlTypeLABEL 2048 Label.
visCtrlTypeSPLITBUTTON_MRU_COLOR 16 Split button, with MRU color behavior.
visCtrlTypeSPLITBUTTON_MRU_COMMAND 18 Split button, with MRU command behavior.
visCtrlTypeSPLITBUTTON 17 Split button.