Application.DDETerminateAll Method (Word)

Closes all dynamic data exchange (DDE) channels opened by Microsoft Word.


expression. DDETerminateAll

expression A variable that represents an 'Application' object. Optional.


This method does not close channels opened to Word by client applications. Using this method is the same as using the DDETerminate method for each open channel.

Security Note

If you interrupt a macro that opens a DDE channel, you may inadvertently leave a channel open. Open channels are not closed automatically when a macro ends, and each open channel uses system resources. For this reason, it is a good idea to use this method when you are debugging a macro that opens one or more DDE channels.


This example opens the Microsoft Excel workbook Book1.xls, inserts text into cell R2C3, saves the workbook, and then terminates all DDE channels.

Dim lngChannel As Long 
lngChannel = DDEInitiate(App:="Excel", Topic:="System") 
DDEExecute Channel:=lngChannel, Command:="[OPEN(" &; Chr(34) &; _ 
 "C:\Documents\Book1.xls" &; Chr(34) &; ")]" 
DDETerminate Channel:=lngChannel 
lngChannel = DDEInitiate(App:="Excel", Topic:="Book1.xls") 
DDEPoke Channel:=lngChannel, Item:="R2C3", Data:="Hello World" 
DDEExecute Channel:=lngChannel, Command:="[Save]" 

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