Application.PathSeparator Property (Word)

Returns the character used to separate folder names. This property returns a backslash (). Read-only String .


expression. PathSeparator

expression An expression that returns an 'Application' object.


You can use PathSeparator property to build Web addresses even though they contain forward slashes (/).

Note The FullName property returns the path and file name, including the path separator, as a single string.


This example displays the path and file name of the active document.

MsgBox ActiveDocument.Path &; Application.PathSeparator &; _ 

If the first add-in is a template, this example unloads the template and opens it.

If Addins(1).Compiled = False Then 
 Addins(1).Installed = False 
 Documents.Open FileName:=AddIns(1).Path _ 
 &; Application.PathSeparator _ 
 &; AddIns(1).Name 
End If

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