Application.UsableHeight Property (Word)

Returns the maximum height (in points) to which you can set the height of a Microsoft Word document window. Read-only Long .


expression. UsableHeight

expression A variable that represents an 'Application' object.


This example sets the size of the active document window to one quarter of the maximum allowable screen area.

With ActiveDocument.ActiveWindow 
 .WindowState = wdWindowStateNormal 
 .Top = 5 
 .Left = 5 
 .Height = (Application.UsableHeight*0.5) 
 .Width = (Application.UsableWidth*0.5) 
End With

This example displays the size of the working area in the active document window.

With ActiveDocument.ActiveWindow 
 MsgBox "Working area height = " _ 
 & .UsableHeight & vbLf _ 
 & "Working area width = " _ 
 & .UsableWidth 
End With

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