Document.CompatibilityMode Property (Word)

Returns a Long that specifies the compatibility mode that Word uses when opening the document. Read-only.


expression. CompatibilityMode

expression An expression that returns a 'Document' object.


When you open a document in Word that was created in a previous version of Word, Compatibility Mode is turned on. Compatibility Mode ensures that no new or enhanced features in Word are available while working with a document, so that people who edit the document using previous versions of Word will have full editing capabilities.


The following example shows how to check if a document is in full fidelity mode before using a new feature. In this case, if the document compatibility mode supports using content controls, then a check box content control is added to the document.

Sub InsertCheckbox()
    If (Application.Version = ActiveDocument.CompatibilityMode) Then
          Selection.Range.ContentControls.Add (wdContentControlCheckBox)
    End If    
End Sub

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