KeyBinding.Protected property (Word)

True if you cannot change the specified key binding in the Customize Keyboard dialog box. Read-only Boolean .


expression. Protected

expression An expression that returns a 'KeyBinding' object.


You can access the Customize Keyboard dialog box from the Tools menu; click Customize, and then click the Keyboard button.

Use the Add method of the KeyBindings object to add a key binding regardless of the protected status.


This example displays the protection status for the CTRL+S key binding.

CustomizationContext = ActiveDocument.AttachedTemplate 
MsgBox FindKey(BuildKeyCode(wdKeyControl, wdKeyS)).Protected

This example displays a message if the A key binding is protected.

CustomizationContext = NormalTemplate 
If FindKey(BuildKeyCode(wdKeyA)).Protected = True Then 
 MsgBox "The A key is protected" 
End If

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