LetterContent.LetterheadSize property (Word)

Returns or sets the amount of space (in points) to be reserved for a preprinted letterhead in a letter created by the Letter Wizard. Read/write Single .


expression. LetterheadSize

expression An expression that returns a 'LetterContent' object.


This example retrieves the Letter Wizard elements from the active document, changes the preprinted letterhead settings, and then uses the SetLetterContent method to update the active document to reflect the changes.

Set myLetterContent = ActiveDocument.GetLetterContent 
With myLetterContent 
 .Letterhead = True 
 .LetterheadLocation = wdLetterTop 
 .LetterheadSize = InchesToPoints(1.5) 
End With 
ActiveDocument.SetLetterContent LetterContent:=myLetterContent

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