ParagraphFormat.LineSpacing Property (Word)

Returns or sets the line spacing (in points) for the specified paragraphs. Read/write Single .


expression. LineSpacing

expression An expression that represents a 'ParagraphFormat' object.


Use the LinesToPoints method to convert a number of lines to the corresponding value in points. For example, LinesToPoints(2) returns the value 24.

The LineSpacing property can be set after the LineSpacingRule property has been set to:

  • wdLineSpaceAtLeast the line spacing can be greater than or equal to, but never less than, the specified LineSpacing value.

  • wdLineSpaceExactly the line spacing never changes from the specified LineSpacing value, even if a larger font is used within the paragraph.

  • wdLineSpaceMultiple a LineSpacing property value must be specified, in points.


This example sets the line spacing for the selected paragraphs to be at least 24 points.

With Selection.ParagraphFormat 
 .LineSpacingRule = wdLineSpaceAtLeast 
 .LineSpacing = 24 
End With

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