Style.BuiltIn property (Word)

True if the specified object is one of the built-in styles or caption labels in Word. Read-only Boolean .


expression. BuiltIn

expression A variable that represents a 'Style' object.


You can specify built-in styles across all languages by using the WdBuiltinStyle constants or within a language by using the style name for the language version of Word. For example, if you specify U.S. English in your Microsoft Office language settings, the following statements are equivalent:

ActiveDocument.Styles("Heading 1")


This example checks all the styles in the active document. When it finds a style that isn't built in, it displays the name of the style.

Dim styleLoop As Style 
For Each styleLoop in ActiveDocument.Styles 
 If styleLoop.BuiltIn = False Then 
 Msgbox styleLoop.NameLocal 
 End If 
Next styleLoop

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