SynonymInfo.MeaningCount Property (Word)

Returns the number of entries in the list of meanings found in the thesaurus for the word or phrase. Returns 0 (zero) if no meanings were found. Read-only Long .


expression. MeaningCount

expression An expression that returns a 'SynonymInfo' object.


Each meaning represents a unique list of synonyms for the word or phrase.

The lists of related words, related expressions, and antonyms aren't counted as entries in the list of meanings.


This example checks to see whether any meanings were found for the selection. If any were found, the list of meanings is displayed in the Immediate window of the Visual Basic Editor.

Set mySynInfo = Selection.Range.SynonymInfo 
If mySynInfo.MeaningCount <> 0 Then 
 myList = mySynInfo.MeaningList 
 For i = 1 To Ubound(myList) 
 Debug.Print myList(i) 
 Next i 
 Msgbox "There were no meanings found." 
End If

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