TablesOfContents.MarkEntry Method (Word)

Inserts a TC (Table of Contents Entry) field after the specified range. The method returns a Field object representing the TC field.


expression. MarkEntry( _Range_ , _Entry_ , _EntryAutoText_ , _TableID_ , _Level_ )

expression Required. A variable that represents a 'TablesOfContents' collection.


Name Required/Optional Data type Description
Range Required Range The location of the entry. The TC field is inserted after Range.
Entry Optional Variant The text that appears in the table of contents or table of figures. To indicate a subentry, include the main entry text and the subentry text, separated by a colon (:) (for example, "Introduction:The Product").
EntryAutoText Optional Variant The AutoText entry name that includes text for the index, table of figures, or table of contents (Entry is ignored).
TableID Optional Variant A one-letter identifier for the table of figures or table of contents item (for example, "i" for an "illustration").
Level Optional Variant A level for the entry in the table of contents or table of figures.

Return value


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