TextColumns.Add Method (Word)

Returns a TextColumn object that represents a new text column added to a section or document.


expression. Add( _Width_ , _Spacing_ , _EvenlySpaced_ )

expression Required. A variable that represents a 'TextColumns' collection.


Name Required/Optional Data type Description
Width Optional Variant The width of the new text column in the document, in points.
Spacing Optional Variant The spacing between the text columns in the document, in points.
EvenlySpaced Optional Variant True to evenly space all the text columns be in the document.

Return value



This example creates a new document and then adds another 2.5-inch-wide text column to it.

Set myDoc = Documents.Add 
myDoc.PageSetup.TextColumns.Add Width:=InchesToPoints(2.5), _ 
 Spacing:=InchesToPoints(0.5), EvenlySpaced:=False

This example adds a new text column to the active document and then evenly spaces all the text columns in the document.

ActiveDocument.PageSetup.TextColumns.Add _ 
 Width:=InchesToPoints(1.5), _ 

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