Version.Comment Property (Word)

Returns the comment associated with the specified version of a document. Read-only String .


expression. Comment

expression A variable that represents a 'Version' object.


This example displays the comment text for the first version of the active document.

If ActiveDocument.Versions.Count >= 1 Then 
 MsgBox Prompt:=ActiveDocument.Versions(1).Comment, _ 
 Title:="First Version Comment" 
End If

This example saves a version of the document with the user's comment and then displays the comment.

Dim verTemp As Versions 
Dim strComment As String 
Dim lngCount As Long 
Set verTemp = ActiveDocument.Versions 
strComment = InputBox("Type a comment") 
verTemp.Save Comment:=strComment 
lngCount = verTemp.Count 
MsgBox Prompt:=verTemp(lngCount).Comment, _ 

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