WdPageBorderArt Enumeration (Word)

Specifies the graphical page border setting of a page.

Name Value Description
wdArtApples 1 An apple border.
wdArtArchedScallops 97 An arched scalloped border.
wdArtBabyPacifier 70 A baby pacifier border.
wdArtBabyRattle 71 A baby rattle border.
wdArtBalloons3Colors 11 Balloons in three colors as the border.
wdArtBalloonsHotAir 12 A hot air balloon border.
wdArtBasicBlackDashes 155 A basic black-dashed border.
wdArtBasicBlackDots 156 A basic black-dotted border.
wdArtBasicBlackSquares 154 A basic black squares border.
wdArtBasicThinLines 151 A basic thin-lines border.
wdArtBasicWhiteDashes 152 A basic white-dashed border.
wdArtBasicWhiteDots 147 A basic white-dotted border.
wdArtBasicWhiteSquares 153 A basic white squares border.
wdArtBasicWideInline 150 A basic wide inline border.
wdArtBasicWideMidline 148 A basic wide midline border.
wdArtBasicWideOutline 149 A basic wide outline border.
wdArtBats 37 A bats border.
wdArtBirds 102 A birds border.
wdArtBirdsFlight 35 A birds-in-flight border.
wdArtCabins 72 A cabins border.
wdArtCakeSlice 3 A cake slice border.
wdArtCandyCorn 4 A candy corn border.
wdArtCelticKnotwork 99 A Celtic knotwork border.
wdArtCertificateBanner 158 A certificate banner border.
wdArtChainLink 128 A chain-link border.
wdArtChampagneBottle 6 A champagne bottle border.
wdArtCheckedBarBlack 145 A checked-bar black border.
wdArtCheckedBarColor 61 A checked-bar colored border.
wdArtCheckered 144 A checkered border.
wdArtChristmasTree 8 A Christmas tree border.
wdArtCirclesLines 91 A circles-and-lines border.
wdArtCirclesRectangles 140 A circles-and-rectangles border.
wdArtClassicalWave 56 A classical wave border.
wdArtClocks 27 A clocks border.
wdArtCompass 54 A compass border.
wdArtConfetti 31 A confetti border.
wdArtConfettiGrays 115 A confetti border using shades of gray.
wdArtConfettiOutline 116 A confetti outline border.
wdArtConfettiStreamers 14 A confetti streamers border.
wdArtConfettiWhite 117 A confetti white border.
wdArtCornerTriangles 141 A triangles border.
wdArtCouponCutoutDashes 163 A coupon-cut-out dashes border.
wdArtCouponCutoutDots 164 A coupon-cut-out dots border.
wdArtCrazyMaze 100 A crazy maze border.
wdArtCreaturesButterfly 32 A butterfly border.
wdArtCreaturesFish 34 A fish border.
wdArtCreaturesInsects 142 An insect border.
wdArtCreaturesLadyBug 33 A ladybug border.
wdArtCrossStitch 138 A cross-stitch border.
wdArtCup 67 A cup border.
wdArtDecoArch 89 A deco arch border.
wdArtDecoArchColor 50 A deco arch colored border.
wdArtDecoBlocks 90 A deco blocks border.
wdArtDiamondsGray 88 A diamond border using shades of gray.
wdArtDoubleD 55 A double-D border.
wdArtDoubleDiamonds 127 A double-diamonds border.
wdArtEarth1 22 An earth number 1 border.
wdArtEarth2 21 An earth number 2 border.
wdArtEclipsingSquares1 101 An eclipsing squares number 1 border.
wdArtEclipsingSquares2 86 An eclipsing squares number 2 border.
wdArtEggsBlack 66 A black eggs border.
wdArtFans 51 A fans border.
wdArtFilm 52 A film border.
wdArtFirecrackers 28 A fire crackers border.
wdArtFlowersBlockPrint 49 A block flowers print border.
wdArtFlowersDaisies 48 A daisies border.
wdArtFlowersModern1 45 A modern flowers number 1 border.
wdArtFlowersModern2 44 A modern flowers number 2 border.
wdArtFlowersPansy 43 A pansy border.
wdArtFlowersRedRose 39 A red rose border.
wdArtFlowersRoses 38 A rose border.
wdArtFlowersTeacup 103 A teacup border.
wdArtFlowersTiny 42 A tiny flower border.
wdArtGems 139 A gems border.
wdArtGingerbreadMan 69 A gingerbread man border.
wdArtGradient 122 A gradient border.
wdArtHandmade1 159 A handmade number 1 border.
wdArtHandmade2 160 A handmade number 2 border.
wdArtHeartBalloon 16 A heart-balloon border.
wdArtHeartGray 68 A heart border in shades of gray.
wdArtHearts 15 A hearts border.
wdArtHeebieJeebies 120 A heebie-jeebies border.
wdArtHolly 41 A holly border.
wdArtHouseFunky 73 A funky house border.
wdArtHypnotic 87 An hypnotic border.
wdArtIceCreamCones 5 An ice cream cones border.
wdArtLightBulb 121 A light bulb border.
wdArtLightning1 53 A lightning number 1 border.
wdArtLightning2 119 A lightning number 2 border.
wdArtMapleLeaf 81 A maple leaf border.
wdArtMapleMuffins 2 A maple muffins border.
wdArtMapPins 30 A map pins border.
wdArtMarquee 146 A marquee border.
wdArtMarqueeToothed 131 A marquee toothed border.
wdArtMoons 125 A moons border.
wdArtMosaic 118 A mosaic border.
wdArtMusicNotes 79 A music notes border.
wdArtNorthwest 104 A northwest border.
wdArtOvals 126 An ovals border.
wdArtPackages 26 A packages border.
wdArtPalmsBlack 80 A black palms border.
wdArtPalmsColor 10 A colored palms border.
wdArtPaperClips 82 A paper clips border.
wdArtPapyrus 92 A papyrus border.
wdArtPartyFavor 13 A party favor border.
wdArtPartyGlass 7 A party glass border.
wdArtPencils 25 A pencils border.
wdArtPeople 84 A people border.
wdArtPeopleHats 23 A people-wearing-hats border.
wdArtPeopleWaving 85 A people-waving border.
wdArtPoinsettias 40 A poinsettias border.
wdArtPostageStamp 135 A postage stamp border.
wdArtPumpkin1 65 A pumpkin number 1 border.
wdArtPushPinNote1 63 A pushpin note number 1 border.
wdArtPushPinNote2 64 A pushpin note number 2 border.
wdArtPyramids 113 A pyramids border.
wdArtPyramidsAbove 114 An external pyramids border.
wdArtQuadrants 60 A quadrants border.
wdArtRings 29 A rings border.
wdArtSafari 98 A safari border.
wdArtSawtooth 133 A saw-tooth border.
wdArtSawtoothGray 134 A saw-tooth border using shades of gray.
wdArtScaredCat 36 A scared cat border.
wdArtSeattle 78 A Seattle border.
wdArtShadowedSquares 57 A shadowed squared border.
wdArtSharksTeeth 132 A shark-tooth border.
wdArtShorebirdTracks 83 A shorebird tracks border.
wdArtSkyrocket 77 A sky rocket border.
wdArtSnowflakeFancy 76 A fancy snowflake border.
wdArtSnowflakes 75 A snowflake border.
wdArtSombrero 24 A sombrero border.
wdArtSouthwest 105 A southwest border.
wdArtStars 19 A stars border.
wdArtStars3D 17 A 3-D stars border.
wdArtStarsBlack 74 A black stars border.
wdArtStarsShadowed 18 A shadowed stars border.
wdArtStarsTop 157 A stars-on-top border.
wdArtSun 20 A sun border.
wdArtSwirligig 62 A swirling border.
wdArtTornPaper 161 A torn-paper border.
wdArtTornPaperBlack 162 A black torn-paper border.
wdArtTrees 9 A trees border.
wdArtTriangleParty 123 A triangle party border.
wdArtTriangles 129 A triangles border.
wdArtTribal1 130 A tribal number 1 border.
wdArtTribal2 109 A tribal number 2 border.
wdArtTribal3 108 A tribal number 3 border.
wdArtTribal4 107 A tribal number 4 border.
wdArtTribal5 110 A tribal number 5 border.
wdArtTribal6 106 A tribal number 6 border.
wdArtTwistedLines1 58 A twisted lines number 1 border.
wdArtTwistedLines2 124 A twisted lines number 2 border.
wdArtVine 47 A vine border.
wdArtWaveline 59 A wave-line border.
wdArtWeavingAngles 96 A weaving angle border.
wdArtWeavingBraid 94 A weaving braid border.
wdArtWeavingRibbon 95 A weaving ribbon border.
wdArtWeavingStrips 136 A weaving strips border.
wdArtWhiteFlowers 46 A white flower border.
wdArtWoodwork 93 A woodwork border.
wdArtXIllusions 111 An X illusion border.
wdArtZanyTriangles 112 A zany triangle border.
wdArtZigZag 137 A zigzag border.
wdArtZigZagStitch 143 A zigzag stitch border.