WdRelativeHorizontalPosition Enumeration (Word)

Specifies to what the horizontal position of a frame, a shape, or a group of rows is relative.

Name Value Description
wdRelativeHorizontalPositionCharacter 3 Relative to character.
wdRelativeHorizontalPositionColumn 2 Relative to column.
wdRelativeHorizontalPositionMargin 0 Relative to margin.
wdRelativeHorizontalPositionPage 1 Relative to page.
wdRelativeHorizontalPositionInnerMarginArea 6 Relative to inner margin area.
wdRelativeHorizontalPositionLeftMarginArea 4 Relative to left margin.
wdRelativeHorizontalPositionOuterMarginArea 7 Relative to outer margin area.
wdRelativeHorizontalPositionRightMarginArea 5 Relative to right margin.