WdRevisionType enumeration (Word)

Specifies the type of a change that is marked with a revision mark.

Name Value Description
wdNoRevision 0 No revision.
wdRevisionCellDeletion 17 Table cell deleted.
wdRevisionCellInsertion 16 Table cell inserted.
wdRevisionCellMerge 18 Table cells merged.
wdRevisionCellSplit 19 This object, member, or enumeration is deprecated and is not intended to be used in your code.
wdRevisionConflict 7 Revision marked as a conflict.
wdRevisionConflictDelete 21 Deletion revision conflict in a coauthored document.
wdRevisionConflictInsert 20 Insertion revision conflict in a coauthored document
wdRevisionDelete 2 Deletion.
wdRevisionDisplayField 5 Field display changed.
wdRevisionInsert 1 Insertion.
wdRevisionMovedFrom 14 Content moved from.
wdRevisionMovedTo 15 Content moved to.
wdRevisionParagraphNumber 4 Paragraph number changed.
wdRevisionParagraphProperty 10 Paragraph property changed.
wdRevisionProperty 3 Property changed.
wdRevisionReconcile 6 Revision marked as reconciled conflict.
wdRevisionReplace 9 Replaced.
wdRevisionSectionProperty 12 Section property changed.
wdRevisionStyle 8 Style changed.
wdRevisionStyleDefinition 13 Style definition changed.
wdRevisionTableProperty 11 Table property changed.

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