WdSpecialPane Enumeration (Word)

Specifies an item to display in the active window pane.

Name Value Description
wdPaneComments 15 Selected comments.
wdPaneCurrentPageFooter 17 The page footer.
wdPaneCurrentPageHeader 16 The page header.
wdPaneEndnoteContinuationNotice 12 The endnote continuation notice.
wdPaneEndnoteContinuationSeparator 13 The endnote continuation separator.
wdPaneEndnotes 8 Endnotes.
wdPaneEndnoteSeparator 14 The endnote separator.
wdPaneEvenPagesFooter 6 The even pages footer.
wdPaneEvenPagesHeader 3 The even pages header.
wdPaneFirstPageFooter 5 The first page footer.
wdPaneFirstPageHeader 2 The first page header.
wdPaneFootnoteContinuationNotice 9 The footnote continuation notice.
wdPaneFootnoteContinuationSeparator 10 The footnote continuation separator.
wdPaneFootnotes 7 Footnotes.
wdPaneFootnoteSeparator 11 The footnote separator.
wdPaneNone 0 No display.
wdPanePrimaryFooter 4 The primary footer pane.
wdPanePrimaryHeader 1 The primary header pane.
wdPaneRevisions 18 The revisions pane.
wdPaneRevisionsHoriz 19 The revisions pane displays along the bottom of the document window.
wdPaneRevisionsVert 20 The revisions pane displays along the left side of the document window.