Find.MatchAllWordForms property (Word)

True if all forms of the text to find are found by the find operation (for instance, if the text to find is "sit," "sat" and "sitting" are found as well). Read/write Boolean.


expression. MatchAllWordForms

expression An expression that returns a 'Find' object.


Use the Text property of the Find object or use the FindText argument with the Execute method to specify the text to be located in a document.


This example selects the next form of the word "sit" found in the selection or displays a message box if a form of "sit" isn't found.

With Selection.Find 
 .MatchAllWordForms = True 
 .Text = "sit" 
 .Execute Format:=False 
 If .Found = False Then MsgBox "Not Found" 
End With

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