Hyperlink.Address property (Word)

Returns or sets the address (for example, a file name or URL) of the specified hyperlink. Read/write String.



expression Required. A variable that represents a 'Hyperlink' object.


If there is no hyperlink associated with an object, setting the Address property returns an error occurs. In this case, use the Add method for the Hyperlinks collection to add a hyperlink. The following example shows how to do this.

ActiveDocument.Hyperlinks.Add Selection.Range, "https://www.microsoft.com"


This example adds a hyperlink to the selection in the active document, sets the address, and then displays the address in a message box.

Set aHLink = ActiveDocument.Hyperlinks.Add( _ 
 Anchor:=Selection.Range, _ 
MsgBox "The hyperlink goes to " & aHLink.Address

If the active document includes hyperlinks, this example inserts a list of the hyperlink destinations at the end of the document.

Set myRange = ActiveDocument _ 
 .Range(Start:=ActiveDocument.Content.End - 1) 
Count = 0 
For Each aHyperlink In ActiveDocument.Hyperlinks 
 Count = Count + 1 
 With myRange 
 .InsertAfter "Hyperlink #" & Count & vbTab 
 .InsertAfter aHyperlink.Address 
 End With 
Next aHyperlink

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