InlineShape.SmartArt property (Word)

Returns a SmartArt object that provides a way to work with the SmartArt associated with the specified inline shape. Read-only.



expression A variable that represents an 'InlineShape' object.


The SmartArt property provides an entry point for interacting with a SmartArt graphic associated with the inline shape.


The following code example adds a SmartArt graphic to the active document.

Dim myDoc As Document 
Dim myInlineShape As InlineShape 
Dim mySmartArt As SmartArt 
Set myDoc = ActiveDocument 
Set myInlineShape = myDoc.InlineShapes.AddSmartArt(Application.SmartArtLayouts(2), myDoc.Paragraphs(2).Range) 
Set mySmartArt = myShape.SmartArt 

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