ListLevels object (Word)

A collection of ListLevel objects that represents all the list levels of a list template, either the only level for a bulleted or numbered list or one of the nine levels of an outline numbered list.


Use the ListLevels property to return the ListLevels collection. The following example sets the variable mytemp to the first list template in the active document and then modifies each level to use lowercase letters for its number style.

Set mytemp = ActiveDocument.ListTemplates(1) 
For Each lev In mytemp.ListLevels 
 lev.NumberStyle = wdListNumberStyleLowercaseLetter 
Next lev

Use ListLevels (Index), where Index is a number from 1 through 9, to return a single ListLevel object. The following example sets list level one of list template one in the active document to start at four.

ActiveDocument.ListTemplates(1).ListLevels(1).StartAt = 4

Note You cannot add new levels to a list template.

To apply a list level, first identify the range or list, and then use the ApplyListTemplate method. Each tab at the beginning of the paragraph is translated into a list level. For example, a paragraph that begins with three tabs will become a level-three list paragraph after the ApplyListTemplate method is used.

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