MailMerge.MailFormat property (Word)

Returns a WdMailMergeMailFormat constant that represents the format to use when the mail merge destination is an email message. Read/write.


expression. MailFormat

expression Required. A variable that represents a 'MailMerge' object.


The MailFormat property is ignored if the MailAsAttachment property is set to True. Conversely, when MailFormat is set, MailAsAttachment is automatically set to False.


This example merges the active document to an email message and formats it using HTML.

Sub MergeDestination() 
    With ActiveDocument.MailMerge 
        .Destination = wdSendToEmail 
        .MailAsAttachment = False 
        .MailFormat = wdMailFormatHTML 
    End With 
End Sub

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