Table.Uniform property (Word)

True if all the rows in a table have the same number of columns. Read-only Boolean.


expression. Uniform

expression An expression that returns a 'Table' object.


This example creates a table that contains a split cell and then displays a message box that confirms that the table doesn't have the same number of columns for each row.

Set newDoc = Documents.Add 
Set myTable = newDoc.Tables.Add(Selection.Range, 5, 5) 
myTable.Cell(3, 3).Split 1, 2 
If myTable.Uniform = False Then MsgBox "Table is not uniform"

This example determines whether the table that contains the selection has the same number of columns for each row.

If Selection.Information(wdWithInTable) = True Then 
 MsgBox Selection.Tables(1).Uniform 
End If

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